Jonathan Chandler Webb

About Jonathan Chandler Webb

I have over 10 years of experience in non-profit management. I have coached hundreds of volunteers in 3 different organizations on how to be more involved in non-profit work, how to accomplish tasks, and how to work together as a team. My career has taken me to every continent on the planet (except Antartica but its on my bucket list!). I’ve had the privilege of working with cultures and people very different than my own, growing me as a person and allowing me to see the world from different points of view.

I was instrumental in developing strategic partnerships between multiple organizations in my former roles, giving me tremendous experience in how to bring groups together and work toward a common goal. These roles afforded me wonderful public speaking experiences and coaching/teaching opportunities. It was within these settings that I really grew up and started seeing how they can all make a difference in our communities and around the world.

I have a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration, giving me a beneficial knowledge base for understanding some of the bigger picture issues we face around the world. In addition to my educational background and my work in the non-profit world, I am also the co-owner of a successful business my wife and I founded. This has allowed me to take my knowledge and experiences into the business world, and grow our business each and every year.


Vision and Mission

Legendary is a strong word we often associate with superheroes, unbelievable athletic performances, and even world famous actors and business owners. Legendary doesn’t need to be confined to fiction novels, movies, and what we see on our television screens. We can all be legendary. My desire is to see all of us reach that legendary potential that is deep inside. My heart is to see each person achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals. Each of us is here for a reason, let’s stop going through the motions and begin to live a full life.

All of these experiences have put me in the path of people from around the world. What I have found is we are all looking for something to strive and work toward. All of us want to make a difference, to matter. All of us want to be legendary. All of us can be legendary. Let me help.