Jonathan Chandler Webb

As I read the words below I am amazed that it has been almost a month since I left my full-time job to work from home. And yes, it has been easy, fun, and without any challenges. Do you believe that? I hope not because some of the time it has been the opposite.

Do not get me wrong, I love where we are as a family right now. I have enjoyed the time with my kids and being able to take part in daily activities with them. I love being able to write and pursue that dream and also helping my wife grow the businesses she is involved in. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But, it has been hard figuring out a schedule. When you do this type of thing you have to be very intentional about how you spend your time…and this has been hard. It is getting better has the days go by but still a challenge. It has also been hard making sure both my wife and I get some things done every day that we want to work on. We want to make sure we are sharing the work around the house and not leaving one of us carrying all the weight every day. Sure, there are days when things happen and you have to do what needs to get done, but for the most part we are gaining some consistency in this area as well.

Another challenge for me is a big one – I simply have too many ideas and thoughts running through my head. I have about 5 books I want to write, 3 websites I want to create, and a million blog posts I want to share with everyone. I am having to take some serious time each day and plan what I want to work on. Before, I sort of had an idea every day what to do, who I needed to contact, when it needed to be completed. Now, I can pretty much do what I want in those areas and that is a hard adjustment. I can’t write all of those things in one day. I can only do so much and the task for me is to take it one step at a time.

It is going to be interesting to see where this journey has taken us this time next year. I actually made a goals sheet this morning and plan to look at it everyday. My wife and I are going to set up a board in the house to track our time and goals as well. These type of things will help us stay on task and keep our time organized. Looking forward to continuing on this journey and keeping you updated!



On August 1st I did something my wife and I have been dreaming of for quite a while. What did I do? I quit my full-time job and will be working from home. This is a huge step for us as a family and while it is not for everyone I am thankful for the opportunity to take my kids to school and pursue some dreams with my wife.

I have wanted to write full-time for a long time. I have had this passion and desire since I was a little kid, filling notebooks with short stories about dragons, knights, and other imaginative things. I knew what was in my heart but was afraid to say it and put myself out there to be scrutinized and bashed. Writing is scary, especially when the comments come that are less than favorable. However, this is where I belong and I am excited that we are at a point in life where it is a reality.

There are so many things going through my head right now but the one thing that keeps popping up is this…don’t pursue a career/job just because someone else wants it for you. I am not suggesting ignoring the wise counsel of parents, friends, and mentors. Those that have been down the path before you have a lot of wisdom and should be heard, just don’t feel like you have to take the same path as them. Each of us has a unique gift and the world needs to hear from you in whatever capacity that may be.

Be the best lawyer, teacher, doctor, writer, plumber, roofer, insurance salesperson, banker, etc, etc, etc. I have heard so many stories of people who are following their passions and they could not be more different. I have been on this journey for many years and each one of my experiences has shaped me and molded me into the man I am today. I don’t view this as me finally starting my dream job, although that is what it feels like. I have been preparing for this my entire life and am finally able to step on this path and move forward.

So, there are so many conversations, so many moments that will find their way into my writing. I look forward to sharing those with you as I continue to process all that is happening with me and my family. Stay tuned and I look forward to hearing from you!