Jonathan Chandler Webb
My Health Journey Part 2

In Part 1 I introduced the problem and mentioned a few reasons why I needed to start improving my health. This is going to be a much shorter post because once I did that the weight magically fell off and I felt better in like a week. Haha! You don’t believe that I know but sometimes we start a process like this thinking it will be smooth and easy because its the right thing to do. Honestly, the right thing to do is often the hardest in my experience. Doesn’t make it bad and that doesn’t (sorry for the double negatives) mean you should quit. It just means we need to be ready for what its going to take to reach our goals.

In order for me to lose this weight and improve my health I knew I needed help. This is an important point I don’t want you to miss…find someone you can work with or at least a friend who will hold you accountable. I had support at home but I needed more. I needed men who would push me, ask hard questions, and hold me accountable. It is extremely hard to drive by a McDonald’s, want to stop and go in, and not have someone you can call and help talk you out of it.

That person for me was Matt. You will here more about him throughout this series but he is a great friend and also a fitness coach. I won’t embarrass Matt too much here but he was one of the first people I reached out to for help. The other was another great friend, Michael, who was also on a fitness journey of his own. I couldn’t have done this without those two men. These two men provided a much needed support system when the going got tough.

I talk about anchors a lot in my writing and when I speak and here is why…anchors ground you and keep you from being tossed around. In eating and physical fitness, we need anchors to keep us steady and focused. The first anchor I put down involved sugar. You see, I had a problem. I didn’t get to 195 by accident, well maybe a little, but I made choices along the way that took me there. Let me tell you a story.

There was this guy who felt the need to always have something to drink while he was driving a car. It didn’t matter if he was driving from the house to the grocery store or if he was driving for 4 hours, a drink had to be purchased and consumed. So this handsome, very cool guy pulled into gas station after gas station. He bought hundreds of 32 ounce sodas. Do you know how much sugar is in that much soda?

There are 65 grams of sugar in a 20 ounce. 65 grams. That information is straight from Coca-Cola’s website.

So, I was getting more than 65 grams of sugar every time I threw down my 79 cents for that drink. Now, there is a lot of conflicting information on how much sugar you should have in a day but no one recommends that much. And the worst part is what’s in these drinks is not even real sugar, its high fructose corn syrup. Gross! Oh, did I mention that at times I drank more than one of these in a day?

After talking with Matt and after he sent me a food program to try, I knew I had to stop consuming sugar. Cold turkey. I will dive into the diet in the next post but for 3 months, I didn’t even eat fruit. I wanted as far away from sugar as possible.

I experienced sweating, shaking, and significant withdrawal symptoms when my body did not have sugar. I had never experienced those type of feelings before and was shocked at how my body reacted. What was I putting in my body that would cause this reaction when it wasn’t consumed? My relationship with sugar would never be the same.

We’ll dive into the diet a little more in the next post as well as some more insight into the mental aspects of this journey. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you in a few days!


Many times in this journey called life we get so busy in ‘doing’ that we lose sight of ‘why’ we are doing. Could you sit down right now and write the reasons why you do ________? Fill in that blank with whatever you choose. The answers do not have to be elaborate and deep. I just want you to think about why instead of flying into the day. If you can’t that’s ok, we’ll discuss more about this below.

Each of us are doing what we are doing for a reason. Sometimes its more serious and reflective than others and that’s ok. I believe we all have so many gifts and talents to bring to the table that I get sad when I don’t see people living those out in their daily lives.

Here is a statement that you don’t have to agree with but I want you to take it in and think about it – “It is my responsibility to bring out my talents and gifts to the world.” 

Comparison stops you from moving forward and embracing the talents you have been given. That is why it is so important to not let what others think about you crowd out your ‘why.’ If I know why I am doing what I am doing, it doesn’t matter what someone else may think. My why is strong and the driving force, not other people’s opinions. Knowing my ‘why’ also moves me forward even if I go against the cultural norm of the activity or task I’m completing.

For example, I recently lost over 30 pounds eating the Keto diet. This diet is high fat and low carb. There is no sugar allowed. None. Like, I haven’t eaten a piece of fruit in several months. This diet is, in the eyes of many, weird, strange, and not normal. Guess what? I don’t care. My why is bigger than what others may think about how I am eating. I needed a dramatic shift in my thinking regarding sugar and this was the best way I found to do that. Your examples may not be that serious but hopefully your why is just as strong.

The best way to combat this comparison trap and let your gifts shine is by creating anchors. An anchor is solid, heavy, and buried into the ground. It is immovable and will keep your ship from being swayed by the currents of life. Instead of running to the fear and worry, run to your anchors. One of my anchors is my family. No matter what crap life may throw at me during the day, I can rest in the love and support of my family. Its strong and immovable.

Take some time today and write down why are you doing what you are doing. Spend some time finding those anchors. Put those stakes in the ground that are strong and steady. These are your markers, the places you are not moving from no matter what life throws at you. The world needs what you have to offer!