Jonathan Chandler Webb

What’s that dream you have that has been sitting inside? You know, the one you think about and it makes you smile. The one that sometimes keeps you up at night because you wonder what life would be like if you pursued it. That one. Guess what I want you to do? Write it down right now. Don’t read another word until you put that dream on paper somewhere.

Got it down? Ok, now do not overthink that dream. Don’t try and put it into a category or justify why you have that dream. Don’t worry that its not cool enough or as big as someone else’s. Its your dream and you have every right to pursue it.

See that picture above? That was the completion of one of my dreams. I have wanted to play baseball at the Mets’ spring training facility for several years and knew about a camp that would allow me to do that. I kept thinking about it and dreaming about it but never thought it would be a reality. I made every excuse in the book…’we don’t have enough money,’ ‘I won’t be very good if I go,’ ‘There are more important things to do,’ and on and on the list goes.

In January of this year I played baseball for a week wearing that uniform. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. You see, your dream is your dream. My wife could write down 1,000 things to do and this would not be on that list. And that’s ok! We get so caught up in what other people may think that we lose sight of what makes us excited.

So, one more time, what’s your dream? I don’t care what category its in or what it looks like. As you can see, mine had nothing to do with business, writing, or anything like that. I wanted to play baseball in a Met uniform alongside some former professional baseball players.

Here’s the thing, dreaming and accomplishing this one for me opened so many doors. It showed me that I can do it if I push for it and that I am capable. That’s what I want you to see today. Dreaming is good for your soul, good for your heart, and good for you to just open up and smile a little bit.

We all have them and we all need to let them out. I keep a small notebook with my dreams and I encourage you to do the same. This is important and I believe a necessary step in helping you grow and enjoy life. Take some time to smile a little bit and dream big!