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When Dreams Don’t Come True Part. 1

Ever since I was a little boy I have had a passion, love, whatever word you want to use, for politics. Can you believe that? Most of the time when I tell people that they give me that look that says, ‘really?’ It is a weird thing to like, I admit, and often times the conversations involving politics can cause anger and frustration. So, I have a passion for something that most people hate talking about. Fun, huh?

Anyway, through that desire I mapped out a plan of action that would take me where I wanted to be as a grown up. First, I would major in Political Science, attend law school, practice law for 10 years, get appointed as a judge, serve as judge for 10 years, launch my political career sometime in my early 50s, and end with being the Governor of Tennessee. Of course, all along that path I would involve myself in campaigns, committees, etc. to make myself visable. Sounds like a great plan right?

I accomplished the first one with a B.A. degree in Political Science. Alright, well on my way to my goals! Unfortunately, at least for now, that’s where the dream ended. My LSAT score was low, I was declined admission to all the schools in which I applied, and was left with no opportunity to attend law school. Definitely disappointed and felt lost.

Now, does this mean these dreams of mine are gone forever? Does this mean I was chasing the wrong thing? Not necessarily and all of you reading this have stories of your own similar to mine. What do we do when our dreams come to a halt or aren’t fulfilled the way we expect? Do we give up?¬†Well, I did for a long time. I shut that part of my life down and moved on in an attempt to forget what had happened. What I missed during that giving up phase was a lot of growth and opportunities to learn from the experience.

I have learned so much, including the reality that my passion for politics and policy has not gone away. As much as I tried to shut it down and hide it, it is still there and as strong as ever. Does that mean I still want to run for office? Maybe, but what I have learned is the Lord has shifted my focus away from myself and onto helping others through those passions. If you look back at the top of this post, my dream was all about me and how successful I could be. As this series continues I’ll dive deeper into this and where I am now on this journey.

Have you ever had a dream end? Not turn out the way you expected? Let us know in the comments below…

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