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One word can make a difference

I do not think we pay enough attention to the words we use on a daily basis. Specifically, there is one word that we use that should be changed. Its not a bad word in and of itself, but changing it can help us gain better perspective and I believe increase our chances of crushing our goals.

The word I am talking about is when we say some upcoming task or job is going to be 'hard' to do. Hard is a brick wall, a concrete driveway, in my mind something unbreakable. When we tell ourselves that job task, that upcoming workout, the financial issue we face is going to be 'hard', we are putting the image in our head of a brick wall. I propose we change that word.

Instead of saying those things are going to be 'hard', let's use the word 'challenging.' A challenge can be overcome, a challenge can be completed, a challenge brings out the competitiveness in all of us. When we see a challenge we begin to formulate a plan to complete it. We begin to look forward and figure out ways to move toward the challenge.

I 'challenge' all of us today to switch these two words out in our vocabulary. As you look at your schedule, your finances, your job duties, look for the challenges. When you find those challenges, make a plan and attack!

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